Two Heads are Better Than One: Round 3 Team Ticket

Two Heads are Better Than One: Round 3 Team Ticket

*** You must Pre Pay to secure your spot***Fancy yourself a Commander Expert?? Now's your chance to prove it!! There's only one problem.... there's 2 of you!! Above Deck Hobbies & Games is proud to announce our Two Headed Giant Championship Series!!


Round 1: Complete

Round 2: Complete 2021

Round 3: 31st of July 2021

Round 4: 27th of November 2021


On top of prizes for each event, The top Ranked team from all 4 Events will Walk Away with our Championship Trophy & Some Incredible Prizes! Limited to just 16 Teams, Now is the chance for your team to claim the title of Champions!! So if you think you've got what it takes sign up today!!


WHERE: Above Deck Hobbies & Games, 211A Brisbane Street Ipswich


WHEN: Road 1: Saturday the 30th of January, Rounds begin at 10:30am


ENTRY: $50 per Team, 16 spaces Available


PRIZES: 1st: 1x Commander Legends Booster Box 2nd: 10x MTG Boosters 3rd: 8x MTG Boosters - All other entrants will receive 2 MTG Booster Pack Prizes & go into the draw to score some Lucky Door Prizes


RULES: - No Duplicate Commanders - Combined Life Total of 70 - Infect Damage Total 20 - No Proxies Permitted



- Both teams draw on turn one.

- 21 commander damage per commander, No combined damage.

- No cross blocking, each head must defend itself.

- No mana sharing, or sharing of other resources.

- Both players move through phases together. Spaces will go quick so PM our page today to secure your spaces!!